Being Human09 / 01 / 2014

I read a great article over the weekend by Andrew W.K. and it touched point on what it really means to be human.  It reminded me on what I need to be doing in order to be a better human being and I think it’s what this world really needs more than ever right now.  It’s hard to be nice and show kindness and respect to the people who you either don’t relate to, or that have or have tried to harm you or your family in some way.  Kind of an outside of the box idea for most people I think.  But it also reminded me of why I wrote the song “Outside The Box” on my 2004 release and “Human” a song I just finished that will be going on my next release.

As an artist I create things from life around me and what I perceive, and I express that through my music. Sometimes I really have to work at it and sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes my muse arrives at the most inconvenient times and sometimes I don’t realize she arrived until after the fact. This was the case for “Outside The Box,” as it is a song I wrote about the encounter I had about meeting a homeless man.  I met him exactly twelve years ago this past weekend.  At the time I met him I remember being scared and all I wanted was for him to go away.  I didn’t recognize him as anything other than someone I didn’t want to be around or associate with and he was someone I didn’t really sympathize with.  After my encounter with him I wished that I would have had enough courage to have bought him a coffee or a meal or maybe even sat down and talked with him, but I didn’t.  A few weeks later I sat down and wrote the song.

What does it mean to be human?  For me I think it means to recognize that we are all fundamentally the same.  I need to try and see myself in others, even in someone like that homeless man that I met twelve years ago.  I need to remember too that we all see with a different pair of eyes and we all have different points of view.  With everything that’s happening in this world right now, I feel it’s of even more importance than ever before.  I think if we want to make this world a better place we have to try and change it internally and not externally.  If we want to change the world, we have to change ourselves and that comes from the inside out and not from the outside in and I know that I have to try and work harder at this.

So stay human people, and we can change the world!

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